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Islamism and Terrorism in Pakistan: From a Gender Perspective


Date: Monday, 25 October 2010

Time: 15:00-17:00

Location: Elizabeth Rose Hall (5F), UNU Headquarters, Tokyo

Language: English only


Islamism may have as many forms as the various political movements that have existed throughout human history. The most prominent form of Islamism in the current age is militant/jihadist. Terrorists often co-exist with Islamists and claim their actions to be in the name of Islam. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are well known examples of this genre. At present the distinguishing lines between militants, revolutionaries, and ‘terrorists’ have become blurred.

This event discusses the issue of Islamism and terrorism by looking at the situation in Pakistan from a gender perspective. The two presenters will focus on direct repercussions of militant Islamism and terrorism on gendered living in Pakistan, and how to mainstream gender within terrorism-counterterrorism politics.

Dr. Maleeha Aslam has been a JSPS Fellow at UNU-ISP for the past two years. Her research focuses on Muslim masculinities. Through an empirical investigation in Pakistan, she has established a nexus between societal constructions of masculinity and tendency of militant Islamism.

Dr. Fouzia Saeed is the author of “Taboo! The Hidden Culture of a Red Light Area.” She will discuss the process of Talibanization and its impact on gendered living inside Pakistan from the case of the rise of the Taliban in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Her work has focused on the plight of Muslim women, and in particular those existing on the fringes of society.


To register for the event, please complete the registration form available at the link below by Thursday, 21 October.


15:00 Opening Remarks

Dr. Vesselin Popovski, UNU-ISP

15:05 Presentations

Dr. Maleeha Aslam, “Islamism, Terrorism and Muslim Masculinity”
Dr. Fouzia Saeed, “The Process of Talibanization in Pakistan”

16:05 Comments

Dr. Takako Hirose- Professor, Senshu University

16:25 Question and Answer Session

For more details, please download the programme below.

Programme "Islamism and Terrorism in Pakistan: From a Gender Perspective" (PDF 329KB)