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May 19, 2010

UNU Open Colloquium "Coping after Copenhagen: Maximizing Mexico"

Date: May 19, 2010

Time: 13:00 – 17:00

Location: Elizabeth Rose International Conference Hall at UNU-HQ

Language: English


*This is open to public event and there is no fee charged.

Amidst mixed reflections about the outcome of UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen last year, global voices present in UNFCCC/COP-15 were convinced that climate change is an unprecedented challenge and is negatively impacting life of living beings, livelihoods of poor and equilibrium of social-economic-environmental systems. Mitigation – to effectuate reduction of green house gases still remain priority among nations, but is less likely to benefit the world without universally acceptable and legally binding agreement. Urgency for immediate and adequate actions to 'adapt to climate change' before its impacts become unmanageable – has also gained considerable priority in the recent climate debate. UNU in resonance with international body of scholars also believes that while adaptation offers opportunity for all to prepare for long-term consequences of a changing climate, robust and appropriate decisions to arrest Green-House-Gases (GHGs) should also compliment the process without further delay. However, in addition to augment adequate financial and technological resources, capacities to act rapidly also need to be amplified in the world over.

To discuss these emergent issues further towards optimizing possible opportunities in the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference in Mexico, United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace is organizing an open Colloquium on 19th May 2010. The Colloquium is aimed at galvanizing the opinions of policymakers, administrators, researchers and the public towards achieving following key objectives:

  • Reassuring that climate change is topmost concern of present generation to ensure that future generations also enjoy the similar, if not better, benefits from planet earth;
  • Advocating for robust decisions by the governments at all levels, appealing for avoidance of delays, while accepting certain degree of scientific uncertainty;
  • Retrofitting policy and public opinions by engaging synergistic thinking and promoting analytical discourse.

Participation in the colloquium is open to all and is specifically targeting at academia including students, researchers, scientists, activists, environmental NPOs/NGOs, administrators, representatives from embassies, international organizations, media and concerned citizens. Key note speeches will be delivered by some of the renowned climate change experts of present times. Panel discussion will help to get further inputs from wide spectrum of practitioners and policy makers. Concluding session will include interaction with the audience.  


Please send your name, affiliation, contact email, phone and fax number to  with subject line:  Maximizing Mexico.


UNU Open Colloquium Programme (PDF 85KB)

*Please note that the programme is still tentative and may be subject to revisions.