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Tohoku Re-create Expo Symposium


Date: 11 November 2011

Location: U Thant Hall, UNU Headquarters

Organizer: The Re-create Expo

Co-Organizer: UNU-ISP

Admission: Free

Contact: Keiko Sakaguchi, UNU-ISP

On 11 November 2011, UNU-ISP will support the organization of a symposium on the Tohoku Re-Create Expo. Organized by local civil society and co-hosted by UNESCO, the Tohoku Re-create Expo aims to support “with dignity” the reconstruction of communities in Japan’s Tohoku region affected severely by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The symposium will bring together civil society, academics, private and public sector participants, and other stakeholders to discuss ways to create  more resilient societies that establish a balance between humans and nature. Discussions will draw on the Japanese concept of the “kizuna” bond, which symbolizes symbiosis with nature and protection against disasters.

In addition to presenting and explaining the projects that have been implemented as part of the Tohoku Re-create Expo, presentations will consider how to engage the “global village” in recovery, support education and recognize the important role played by cultural factors in building resilience.


For more information and register for this event, please visit the official website or send an email to The Re-create Expo team at


1st session  
15:00-15:10    Opening Address


15:10-16:30 Presenting projects of the Tohoku Re-create Expo

1. The Tohoku Re-create Expo @ Tokyo for 2021
(7 July - 9 July 2011)

2. The Second Tohoku Re-create Expo @ Tokyo
( March 2012)

3. Made-in-Tohoku clothing brand ALRISHA

4. Producing replicas of Fight Shimbun - the Newspaper made by sufferd children in Kesen-numa

16:30 -17:00 Message from the UNESCO to victims of the Tohoku region

Missa Johnouchi, UNESCO Artist for Peace

17:00-18:00 Intermission
2nd session
18:05-18:40 Consideration as our global village to support the reconstruction of the Tohoku region

Dr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Vice Rector of UNU, Director, UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace

18:40-19:15 Management private school" to support victims in Rikuzentakata

Miki Watanabe, Director, School Aid Japan / Chairman, Watami Co,Ltd.

19:15-20:00 A role of the culture for revival of the Tohoku region

Dr. Tamotsu Aoki, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

20:00-21:00 Panel Discussion

Dr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi

Dr. Tamotsu Aoki

Miki Watanabe

Missa Johnouchi

Moderator: Yuka Matsumoto

21:00 Closing