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Akiyuki Kawasaki

Adjunct Associate Professor

Akiyuki Kawasaki

Dr. Akiyuki Kawasaki, Associate Professor of Institute of Industrial Science at The University of Tokyo, has been affiliated with UNU since April 2007. He’s also acting as Visiting Faculty at the School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute Technology, Thailand. After getting his doctoral degree and working at Yokohama National University, Dr. Kawasaki conducted research at UNU, University of Tokyo and at Harvard University.

Dr. Kawasaki has over 13 years of experience utilizing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for multidisciplinary environmental research while developing systematic approaches for integrating a wide range of data models, data formats, and research methodologies into a common GIS computing environment. Using GIS as the main tool, he has been conducting research on both disaster management, such as landslide and earthquake response, and environmental management, such as an integrated approach to evaluate the potential impact of precipitation and land-use change on stream flow.

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