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Kei Otsuki

Research Associate

Email :
+81 (0)3-5467-1352

Kei Otsuki is research associate in International Cooperation and Development Section of UNU-ISP. She received her PhD in Social Sciences from Wageningen University at Wageningen in the Netherlands, where she continued to work as post-doctoral fellow and lecturer until joining UNU in 2010. Her research interests include social capacity development and multi-level governance , in particular Latin America and Africa, policy intervention, individual and collective action, and changing roles of state, market, and civil society in sustainable development.

Her PhD thesis was published as Paradise in a Brazil Nut Cemetery: Sustainability Discourses and Social Action in Pará, the Brazilian Amazon (Wageningen University, 2007), and she has been working on a number of articles in fields of development sociology, applied anthropology, and political ecology. She has also taught methodology of fieldwork and qualitative data analysis for Master students in the Netherlands and Guatemala.

Prior to that, Kei worked as a sustainable small entrepreneurship  project manager at the Federal University of Pará in Brazil and organized capacity development and business extension programs for groups of small-scale farmers and craft makers in the Amazon Basin. She also participated in several research projects, such as Home Grown School Feeding Program (World Food Program and Cardiff University, 2007) and Constitution of Master Course in Sustainable Rural Development in Guatemala (Wageningen University and Facultad Latino Americana de las Ciencias Sociales, 2006-2007). She had received MSc in Global Agricultural Sciences and BA in Sociology, both from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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