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Completed Research Projects and Activities

  • 2030 Global Order

    This project offers diverse interpretations of what can be expected by the year 2030. It considers the local and global character of governance challenges such as security and climate change.

  • Human Rights Regimes in the Americas

    This project examined the evolution of human rights institutions, norms and practices in South, Central and North America.

  • Political Violence in South and South-East Asia

    This project explored the sources and manifestations of political violence in South and South-East Asia.

  • Sustainability and Policy Making

    This project explores how governance structures can produce “sustainable” policies that better address the needs of society.

  • Trends and Innovations in Governance

    This project, jointly implemented by UNU-ISP and the East-West Center, culminated in a series of UNU Press books.

  • Women Making Peace

    UNU-ISP organized an experts’workshop to assess progress made towards integrating women’s voices, perspectives and skills in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.