Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA)

Steering Committee

African side:

  • Dr. Edwin A. Gyasi (University of Ghana)
  • Dr. Dorcas Otieno (Kenyatta University)
  • Dr. Francis Petersen/Dr. J-P Franzidis* (University of Cape Town)

Japanese side:

  • Dr. Kazuo Kitahara (International Christian University)
  • Dr. Yuto Kitamura (Nagoya University)
  • Dr. Shunji Matsuoka (Waseda University)
  • Dr. Takashi Mino/Dr. Masaru Yarime* (University of Tokyo)

*Alternate member

To implement this project, a Steering Committee consisting of 7 university-based experts has been established (1) to elaborate an overall conceptual framework for ESDA and (2) to develop curricular programmes oriented to the following three thematic issues.

Thematic Working Groups

The Steering Committee has identified the following three thematic issues as being critical to sustainable development:

Integrated environmental, economic and social development in rural Africa (WG/IRD)

Working Group on Integrated Rural Development Convened by Dr. Edwin Gyasi (University of Ghana)

Community-based innovation for sustainable urban development in Africa (WG/SUD)

Working Group on Sustainable Urban Development Convened by Dr. Dorcas Otieno (Kenyatta University)

Management of mining and mineral resources for sustainable development in Africa (WG/MMM)

Working Group on Management of Mining and Mineral Resources Convened by Dr. Francis Petersen (University of Cape Town)

A Working Group has been established for each of these issues, with an African Steering Committee member serving as a convener and with the participation of partner universities in Africa and Japan, and international organizations as shown in the table below.

Working Group African Partners Japanese Partners UNU
WG/IRD U. of Ghana (Ghana)*
KNUST (Ghana)
UDS (Ghana)
U.of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Nnamdi Azikiwe U. (Nigeria)
Nagoya U. UNU-INRA
WG/SUD Kenyatta U. (Kenya)*
U.of Nairobi (Kenya),
Stellenbosch U (RSA),
U.of Tokyo
Yokohama National U.
WG/MMM U. of Cape Town (South Africa)*
U.of Zambia (Zambia)
U.of Witzwatersrand (RSA)
Kyushu U.
Waseda U.

*Convener university

Partner Universities/Institutes

African side

Japanese side

*Expect Participating in individual capacity

UNU side

Partner International Organizations